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Cambodian-American model/actress/entrepreneur/nurse/rights activist iKandy Land brings sex appeal to the wearing of krama (photographer: Michael Siu, make-up artist: Maria Broussard; 21 Aug. 2010).  "I’m not in the business of modeling, just because I think I’m pretty. I have future aspirations of becoming more than just a model, but a role model, a leader and an entrepreneur. I’m here to inspire those with hardships to conquer all that life throws at them, and to fulfill their dreams. You have to push yourself to the limits, and for me, there are no limits to success!" -iKandy

Lead singer of band Dengue Fever touring with her kramas (Hong Kong, Norway, 2010)

Kong Nai of Cambodia Living Arts, Aug. 2010

The Cambodian Ray Charles, Mr. Kong Nai very cool in his krama (Photo: Dan Schwarzlose for Cambodian Living Arts, Aug. 2010).  Below, in Wales at BBC Radio Wales host Allan Thompson and his staff Jerome, both garlanded in Khmer krama.  July 2007.

CHAN Sopheak in Germany this April 2010 during Study Tour for Cambodian provincial government officials of German Regional Management approaches (his Khmer colleagues from Sotre Nikum, left; deputy district goveror from Banteay Meanchey, right - with 2 German ladies also enjoying wearing their kramas).

"I am just like you, only more natural in my krama.  Do I not count?" (photo: internet)

Kunthea Seng from California in her favorite krama visiting her family in Cambodia, 2010

Anees Ahmed
ECCC Senior Assistant Prosecutor Anees Ahmed of India via London prosecutes genocide killers in it; here at public forum of the Center for Social Development under leadership of Theary Seng, in Takeo on 1 Aug. 2008.

Kramanation - KI Media Family, Aug. 2010 UNG Bun Heang

The happy KI Media family in Kramanation - Yippee !
(Credit:  Sacravatoon of Mr. UNG Bun Heang)

Colorful kramas - take your pick.  (Photo:  Families with Cambodia Children)

Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt don kramas

Little genius Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt don their Khmer kramas (Photos: internet)


"For Cambodians of my generation and older (and maybe younger also?) who grew up having a krama around us everywhere we go (from waking up till going back to sleep), kramas are a necessity in our life.  Then things changed sometimes between 1970 and 1975 (maybe closer to 1975), suddenly, kramas were used as a symbol of the resistance against the US by the KR, especially the red-colored kramas.  With the advent of the KR between 1975-79, we tend to identify the red kramas with the KR soldiers.  Some of my relatives, especially along the western areas of Cambodia, never talked about the KR at all; they rather called them "puok ah khmao" - the black-clad people with their krama, of course.  To this day, I still cannot dissociate the KR hardship/suffering/tragedy from the krama symbol they used.  Hopefully, this happens only to me.  I find it really strange that something I used to cherish in my childhood turned out to be something I ended up distancing myself from later in life." -- Anonymous



Theary Seng 2008 yellow Gap rain boots
Theary Seng somewhere on the Cambodian road in 2008... the krama
also goes well with bright yellow Gap rain boots

Luke Hunt in Borneo, 15 Aug. 2010
Southeast Asia Correspondent Luke Hunt proudly wearing his krama at the 65th Commemoration of Victory over Japan Day, near Sandakan (Borneo, 15 Aug. 2010)

Jimmy Srun at Preah Vihear
Proud to be Khmer.  Jimmy Srun in his krama on the top of the world (Preah Vihear, Aug. 2008)

Boran Tum of VA
Boran Tum of Washington, DC is chairman of Cambodian Community Day, here at the Cultural Day celebration in Alexandria, VA, 2009.

James Turpin of UNOHCHR based in NYC defends human rights in krama-style, here at Barcelona (December 2009)

Sophea Omnou of Virgina Media, Aug. 2010
The breezily beautiful British Sophea Omnou of Virgin Media in her silk kramas (of Wallington of Surrey, south of London, UK, Aug. 2010).  Read her moving, eloquent tribute to her parents and all her 7 siblings who perished during the KR years.

Chath pier Sath

Artist/poet Chath pier Sath in Siem Reap (above) and at his solo exhibition at the French Cultural Center (below with Agnes, Jan. 2010)

, a company with many nice high resolution photos of kramas, including the above.

Krama Scarves, a UK company, selling Cambodian kramas and silk scarves.  "Colourful and multifunctional, the krama scarf is a checkered scarf that has been worn in Cambodia for around 2,000 years... Cambodian scarves have traditionally been worn as a fashion item by both men and women, but they serve numerous other purposes too. In a country that reaches sweltering temperatures between April and August, and remains dusty in the provinces the krama can be used to wipe away perspiration, cover the head from the sun and is even worn as a bathing garment. For dressing up, the silk variety krama remains hugely popular in Cambodia, particularly in the evening or on special occasions. Available in both raw and processed silk, many of the bright, metallic colours are different to those used for the more common cotton krama. Most people in the country own a selection, particularly women who match up different designs with both traditional and more western clothing.  In short, Cambodians rarely leave home without one."

Loung Ung
Loung Ung
The beautiful author/activist Loung Ung sashaying her silk kramas (above with Senator Patrick Leahy).

Sok Leang in Brussel, 2010
Formerly an advocacy/outreach manager SOK Leang of Center for Justice and Reconciliation (now a major component of CIVICUS: Center for Cambodian Civic Education) at a Human Rights Panel in Brussels sponsored by the European Union, June 2010.

A melange of people wearing the kramas (YouTube by KhmerCivilization, 2009)



Where in the world is your krama?


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