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Theary Seng at Le Royal (Roland Neveu, Dec. 2009)

Theary Seng, Dec. 2009 (Photo: Roland Neveu)








CNRP Dissolved; SR Returns; Toxic ecosystem of Betrayals; Sokha's Lies (govt videos); "UNITY BEHIND CNRP" or "UNITY BEHIND KEM SOKHA"? How Sokha betrayed Democracy, FAUSTIAN PACT with HS (Oct-Nov 2017)





KR Redux; Treason!; Cambodia Daily; Hun Sen's Willing Hostage; HS has Stockholm Syndrome; Suong Sophorn; Strawman sips Fiji, doodles, speaks fluff; BBC Asean Way Online; Anti-Sam Rainsy Law; Em Theay; "Yuon" again; Post turns 25, Canada 150 (August-Sept. 2017)




Virtual omnipresence; Why "in spite of Kem Sokha"; I've voted; Kapok; Congrats Gabe; Chum Te; King Sokha, Plebes on Plastic; Vote CNRP; BBC Global Questions, WEF; Amrita; Sam Rainsy LI vice-president; Eric Raisina; Prince for Peace, Sirivudh; EIA (June, July 2017)







Vietnamization Pre-KR; Wooden King; 20th Anniversary Grenade Attack; Angeline; ANSA; Kulikar Sotho; Residences DK; Hun Sen released damning conversation btw him, Kem-Sokha (March-midMay 2017)













China; January 7 and KRT; Happy New Year!; Humanizing Jesus; SoCal Christmas 2016; Cambodia's Statesman; Migrant Workers (Nov. 2016 - Jan. 2017)





Betsy DeVos; Trumped; 1M; Pen Sovann; Le Duc Tho; Georgetown (Bradley Cooper, King of Spain); Shanghai; Sam Rainsy's UNIQUE Role; HRRC Summer Institute 2016; ECCC AT 10; MEMORY; How a Lie Becomes Truth; LIDAR (August - November 2016)





Kem Ley shot dead; Sydney Schanberg died; Global Witness Report HOSTILE TAKEOVER; Khao-I-Dang; UK votes to leave EU; Britain's Democratic Failure; What snakes fear (July 2016)





OZY; Grieving Marla's temporary absence; False balance; False Grand Narrative; Rot from Within; Obama Doctrine (April / May / June 2016)






Code of Poverty; Trump and Cambodia; February: Month of Love, Black History, Harper Lee; Kissinger Back in Cambodia; Hilary and Women in Authority (February 2016)






Proud Heritage; Brave New War; Vietnamization: GRAND CONCESSIONS; WSD Global Human Rights Summit in Tokyo (Dec. 2015)




Reading together PLATO'S REPUBLIC; Evangelism vs. Proselytism; Official BORDER MAPS found at UN; IMAGO DEI (October 2015)




1986 occupation border posts; Jared Genser's Freedom Now; Pen Sovan's Memoir; K5 Plan; Ieng Thirith dies; Lawof Jungle symposium; HRRC in Bali; Hong Sok Huor; Jewish Passover and K5 Plan (August / September 2015)





Book of Virtues; ICIRD; Obergefell; ANSA-EAP in Guimaras; Reading makes you smart and mad; A Historian's Reckoning with the Past; Luke (July 2015)





My "Return to the Killing Fields" with the Financial Times, 15 May 2015 (May/June 2015)





Hun Sen's Last Chance: Culture of Dialogue; Exit Strategy for Hun Sen; Daun Sar Secrets; Camb-Austro Refugees Deal; Retracing journey of April 17 40 yrs later; CNN; NEC application form discriminates against dual nationality (April 2015)





NEC application; Pornography; Vietnam in Tbaung Khmum; Genocide Under Cover of Genocide; Michigan; Remembering K5 Genocide Victims; HRW 30 Years of Hun Sen (Jan-March 2015)





30 years of Hun Sen; HRRC Keeping the Faith; New US passport; Delilah swims; See you in the new year!; CNRP North America, Europe nominate Theary to NEC (Nov. 2014-Jan. 2015)


Holiday in California; 002 verdict; Theary's C; CNRP-NA nominates Theary to NEC; Pastor Barnabas Mam; Kek Galabru (July-Aug. 2014)


FREEDOM NOW! 6 CNRP officials detained after violent clash; War zone; CPP umbilical cord to Vietnam; Elephant Wept at Freedom; Shocking Virgin Trade; 4-year old girl chained as daycare; Global Charter of Conscience; Stop the Execution of Meriam!; Wally (May to mid-July 2014)

New CIVICUS website; Commemoration of March 30 Grenade Attack 1997; Kirirom; Doublespeak; Friedrich Naumann Stiftung's 50th; Cambodia's Curse by Joel Brinkley; KAS Law Talk (Feb. / March 2014)


Mam Sonando; Wisdom of neang Delilah; peaceful march on 10th anniversary of Chea Vichea's assassination; burden of proof; lethal force on factory workers; happy holidays; Cambodia Spring (Dec. 2013 / Jan. 2014)



No Need Hun Sen Forever; 3-day Protest; HOW NATIONAL ASSEMBLY formed? [Not: How is GOVT formed?]; KAS Law Talk; Constitutional Council's 2003 Decision on NA Formation (Oct. 2013)

Constitutional Council 2003 Decision; Statutory Interpretation; War on the People; Constitutional Coup; Parliamentary Farce; International Peace Day; World Vision Day of Prayer; Honorable Exit Strategy for Hun Sen; 3-day Mass Protest (September 2013)


CNRP claims victory, rejects results; HRW, State Dept. EU call for inquiry (August 2013)




CNRP Rightly Rejects Results; Opposition CNRP won elections until NEC dark magic; Exit Strategy for Hun Sen; Rapturous Hero's Welcome; SR Pardoned, Arrives July 19; Change FB Profile to SR; Sam Rainsy to Return; Cambodia Elections; My Political Analysis (July 2013)




Cambodia Elections - Why I believe in CNRP Sam Rainsy; Brazil's Vinegar Uprising (triggers Khmer Prahok Revolution?); Exquisite, turbulent Istanbul; Happy Father's Day; Super Victim in Hierarchy of Victims; Angkor Hostpital for Children (June 2013)





Reform NEC now!; VN Rubber Barons; Miss Khmer-Hawaii in Krama; Sanction CPP!; Suffering (Augustine); Boycott The Village!; Mourning with Pastor Paul Ng; Nick Vujicic; Hasten slowly; Season of Cambodia; When I Supported KRT (May 2013)


Hasten slowly; When I supported KRT (May 2013)

I'm no Angel; Favorite sermon; Hello VOA; Why they hate us; Chantal! (April 2013)



Justice Fantasyland; Ieng Sary dies; We are women, hear us roar!; Shocking!; Bunleng's Harem (March 2013)


US Medical Mission in Takeo end of February; Khmer Post culture interview; iMadeFace; In Nigeria, You're Either Somebody or Nobody; The Beauty Curse; King Sihanouk's Funeral; Asian Fortune News; DTIF: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll (Feb. 2013)



January 7; BBC Interview (Youth in Cambodia); How many official asses are there in the Kingdom of the Hes? -- Jan. 2013


Boeung Kak Injustice; BBC World Service Weekend LIVE interview; Andy and Michiel Quit Eccc the Clown; Flat Stanley in the Penh; Obama in Cambodia; Be Still My Soul; Proper Farewell to King Father (Dec. 2012)



UDHR Khmer; HRW "Two Decades of Impunity"; DEEP YAWN--Violence, you're so boring!; Another Principal Jumps Eccc the Clown Ship; Defensive Living in Land of Robber-Barons (Nov. 2012)

American Jewish World Service; Sam Rainsy; Princess Soma Norodom; Swiss Alps!; Nation Mourns King Sihanouk; Sweden FBA Reconciliation Course (Oct. / Nov. 2012)


Activist Monk Loun Sovath; KRAMAnation; Iceland, Paris, Australia, Sweden, Geneva, Manila within 8 weeks!; World Habitat Day; Ieng Thirith, ABC Film Interview; Miroslav Volf's Election Values; Free the Bee! (Oct. 2012)



Volf's Values in Elections; Miroslav Volf's Values re Presidential Election; Free the Bee!; BEAUTIES!; Generosity encouraged; 1st Public Photos of SOU MET!; Bokor; Traffic, September 2012


K-5 Plan, Filling Negative Space Exhibition; We are a Sick Society - Thorn in the Heart - Cambodian Men who buy Sex; Human Rights Watch; Arrest of Mam Sonando; Speak Truth To Power in Sihanoukville; Folke Bernadotte Academy Application  August 2012



Courage Without Borders Training in Kampong Som (July 2012)

Mysterious Disease Killing Cambodian Children; Eccc the Clown 003/4; PBS - Imperfect Justice in Cambodia; KRT Debacle Pause for Reform of Intl Justice; Business and Human Rights in ASEAN (June 2012)

Sacrava on ECCC; Reform Intl Justice; Commune Elections; Charles Taylor; STTP Trainings in Svay Rieng, Kampong Thom; Farewell LKA; Why do they hate us? Interview with Shoah Foundation at USC, July 2011 (April - May 2012)

Holocaust survivor George, Khmer Rouge survivor Theary, Shoah Foundation executive director Stephen (USC, July 2011)



Happy New Year; the Easter Story (April 2012)



Studio Revolt Deport Film; Easter Sunday Massacre, a Tragedy of No Importance; Orwell's 1984; Nate Thayer condemns ECCC; Judge Kasper-Ansermet Resigns in Disgust; Wally's' 80th in Michigan; Bro. No. One at HRW Film Festival; Sacrava K5; Preah Netr Preah (March/April 2012)



Facing Genocide; PUC Radio Royal Rebel Meets Controversial Woman; Linsanity; Life sentence for Duch (yeah!) aligns with CPP agenda to scapegoat Duch (disturbing!) (Feb. 2012)



KRT in the Dock; UN Withdrawal; New ICC chief prosecutor; Wine or Randonal?; Junk Justice (Yuthethor Aid-chai); Poetic Justice; ECCC irredeemable political farce, (Jan.-Feb. 2012)



The Onion; The Kim Jongs; VOA; Mentally unfit Ieng Thirith? Surya Subedi; Junk Justice; Poetic Justice Products; Yuthethor Aid-chai; Nuon Chea's Defense; Chuck's email; Theary Withdraws, Denounces ECCC as "Irredeemable Political Farce" (Nov., Dec. 2011)


Folke Bernadotte Academy's Reconciliation as Process and Practice; Kingdom of Extraordinary Wonder (KEW, pronounced "coo"), Oct.-Nov. 2011


NPR; Artist Eng Roland; Memoirs of Son Sann; World Teachers Day; HRW Calls for Resignations of Co-Investigation Judges; Eric Raisina; ANSA-EAP; Pchum Ben; OSJI; ECCC Severs Case 002; Flooding in Siem Reap; Wine on the Mekong with Scandinavian Friends (Sept. 2011)


Lake of Blood; Khmer Post Radio; Uncle Ani Seng; Play for Peace; Spanish Women Magazine; Boeung Kak; Vann Nath Passed Away; ECCC vs. VOA; Global Opposition to NGO Law; KR Songs; ANSA-EAP Newsletter; Oppose NGO Law; Language In Crisis; Cases 003/004 (August, Sept. 2011)



War Crimes Suspect Ta An; Flooding in Cambodia; Royal Ballet in Paris; RFK in the Land of Apartheid: a Ripple of Hope premieres in Cambodia; Wat Damnak Siem Reap; Note to Current-Day Dictators; NGO Law; KRT August News (August 2011)



Eye Scar; Lumpini 1980; Peauladd Huy; ICJ July 2011 Decision; ANSA-EAP June Newsletter; BBC; Prison Fellowship International Convocation (June/July 2011)


AKRVC Ly Monysak; French Liberation; Statement of UN Prosecutor re 004; Pentagon Papers; Sacrava UN Collusion Case 003; UNHQ Statement; Angelina Jolie; Open Response; Turmoil over 003 (June 2011)


Angelina Jolie; Red Wedding; Umich Law Video; David Scheffer's History of Personal Jurisdiction; Premier of Facing Genocide; Case 003 Saga Continues; Joint Media Statement; Appeals against Rejection Orders (mid-May 2011)



Press Release calling for UN Knut Rosandhaug and CIJ Siegfried Blunk's Resignations; BBC;  Sacrava "Seng Theary"; News coverage; Press Release appealing ECCC's decision, lodging new application; Legal farce at Extraordinary gas Chambers - toward dismissing Case 003 (OCIJ statement), May 2011



Another Violent Easter Week in the Kingdom of Bloody Wonder, 25 April 2011



Theary C. Seng files Civil Party application in Case 003/004 against Khmer Rouge military commanders MEAS Muth and SOU Met - Press Conference on Monday, 4 April 2011



World Dignity University; Psychologist/author Dr. Ervin Staub in Cambodia; Power to the Feminine!; Golden Bones by Sichan Siv (March 2011)



Love Story; praCh Civil Party Interview; Hello VOA; Encounters of the Evil Kind; Co-Prosecutors' Witness List; Reconciling Peace with Justice in Cambodia (Univ. of Michigan, 13 Jan. 2011)



New Year's Eve; Case 002 Closing Order; Civil Parties of Orphans Class; CITA (Dec. 2010)


Dr. Doan Viet Hoat - the Sakharov of Vietnam (30 Nov. 2010)



A National Tragedy: Deepest Condolences (Koh Pich Stampede during Water Festival, 2010)



International Rome Film Festival - Facing Genocide nominated for Best Documentary (Italy, 3 Nov. 2010)

***** Nobel Peace Laureates Series*****

1st in Nobel Peace Prize Series - 1984: Desmond Tutu




How to Bring Down a Dictator / "Give Peace a Chance" Q & A with Gene Sharp (From Dictatorship to Democracy), 28 Sept. 2010


Court convicts Sam Rainsy in absentia; Lawsuit awaits Hun Sen in NYC; BONO:  MDGs for Beginners...and Finishers (New York Times, 19 Sept. 2010)

FIDH / OMCT:  Human Rights Defenders Face 'Shrinking Space' in Cambodia (Sept. 2010)

MLK, Jr.; CIVICUS / CJR New Villa; Speak Truth to Power; EU-Cambodia Human Rights Defenders Workshop / Rotary Peace Fellows (Aug. 2010)

Tuol Sleng Commemoration; Public Forum on ADVENT of DUCH'S VERDICT Hearing at PUC, 23 July 2010

My GMAIL and FACEBOOK accounts HACKED, 14 June 2010

EDUCATION THROUGH IMAGINATION: a closed mind is a beautiful thing to lose

PRACTICING GRATITUDE:  Thai Protesters Should Count Their Blessings / Eliza Edmunds (Boston, May 2010)

The Most Secret Place on Earth:  CIA'S COVERT WAR IN LAOS (a film by Marc Eberle)


WHO KILLED CHEA VICHEA? An award-winning documentary film.

Valerie Bell's Blog re Theary's talk at the Women of Vision national conference:  "THEIR EYES WERE WIDE OPEN"

KHMER ROUGE TRIBUNAL:  Transforming Cambodian "SURVIVORS/Subjects" into Informed, Empowered "CITIZENS" (National Press Club, Washington, DC March 2010)

CRIMINALIZING DEMOCRACY in Cambodia: Democracy Leader's New Lawsuit

INTERNAL VOICE: Learning to Quiet our Internal Voice

LOVE FOR SALE (in light of I Corinthians 13)

SHAME !  SHAME !  SHAME ! (The Regression of Democracy in Cambodia)

Theary Seng at Le Royal (Roland Neveu, Dec. 2009)
Theary Seng, 39, at Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh (Photo: Roland Neveu, Dec. 2009)





Theary's BLOG

Caroline Kennedy Delegation to Palace; Love; I support CNRM; New Year Video Message; Challenges are Opportunities; Free James!; Proportionality; Wolves in Sheep's Clothing; Entrapment; Prince Sirivudh

Kennedy-Niinami Delegation to Khemarin Palace 11 February 2018   Click to watch TVK clip of royal audience with the King and Queen Mother     Prime Minister Son Sann, Jacqueline Kennedy, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Princess Norodom Mo [ ... ]

January 7; Kramanation; 47; Kampot Vegetable Sellers; No more selfies; Facebook Profile Name Change

Theary C. Seng, 11 January 2012
Chaktomuk Theatre, Phnom Penh, January 2010

January 7 is indeed a significant day for survivors of the Khmer Rouge. It arrested the macabre convulsions that would have swallowed all of us into a hellish hole if the [ ... ]


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