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Supreme Court dissolves CNRP, 16 Nov. 2017


វីដេអូ​ ដែល​អង្គភាព ព័ត៌មាន


និងប្រតិកម្ម រហ័ស​


អះអាង​ ថា​


ជា​មូលហេតុ​ នៃ​ការ​រំលាយ​ គណបក្ស​ សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ


Govt's video making the arguments


justifying CNRP dissolution --


plus Theary Seng's commentary






Facebook, 18 Nov. 2017







Sam Rainsy returns to CNRP, 15 Nov. 2017











Toxic Ecosystem of Betrayals

Theary C. Seng's Facebook, 16 Nov. 2017












Sam Rainsy's letter to Kem Sokha

24 October 2017

To remind him of their "consensus" to include Mu Sochua, Yim Sovann, and Eng Chhay Eang in decision-making as Kem Sokha signed off on Senate candidate list for Feb. 2018 elections.


Fresh News | 28 Oct. 2017




I miss Sacrava! I miss Heng Soy!

Sam Rainsy is genuinely, admirably a Uniter-in-Chief for the greater public good of Cambodia in the face of real challenges, but at times, unfortunately veers too close or slips into Chamberlain appeasement vis-a-vis KS, HS.

Now, understandably, he again bails out KS in light of defection rallying by Mao Monyvann and Muth Chantha, and the Nov. 16 dissolution hearing where we need KS to stay strong with democracy camp.


- Theary, Facebook, 31 Oct. 2017








"Cowards and Fools"


Theary, Facebook, 10 October 2017











Kem Sokha Betrayed Democracy

in his


Faustian Pact with Hun Sen


in the creation of the Human Rights Party

in waging a cold war within CNRP

in staging the internal coup to CNRP "president",

aided and abetted by Hun Sen.

* The Faustian Pact is the "idea of selling your soul to the devil in return for great wealth and power...; it can be applied to all kinds of dubious bargains, the whiff of danger adding excitement to the fantastic amount of money/power/enjoyment you expect to get out of the deal." - Griselda Heppel


Now, after Hun Sen


has exhausted Sokha's use...

the dissolution of CNRP itself.


Theary, 18 Oct. 2017


Kem Sokha spurred on by his Lady Macbeths opened the Pandora's Box ** when he made a pact with Hun Sen in co-creating the vote-splitting Human Rights Party.

Out of that "box" came all the miseries of: betrayals, corruption, Veng Sreng deaths, Democracy Square shutdown, imprisonment of land/political activists, lies, seductions, his house arrest, exiles, Cambodia Daily shutdown, radio stations shutdown, his treason charge and imprisonment.

** The phrase "to open Pandora's box" means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching negative consequences. - Wikipedia

** A "Pandora's box" is a metaphor in our modern languages, and the proverbial phrase refers to a source of endless complications or trouble arising from a single, simple miscalculation. Pandora's story comes to us from ancient Greek mythology, specifically a set of epic poems by Hesiod, called the Theogony and Works and Days.- N.S. Gill






UNITY behind Party


UNITY behind Person?


UNITY behind Democracy


UNITY behind Treachery?




UNITY behind Kem Sokha, Betrayer of Democracy?





Kem Sokha


is a Betrayer


of Democracy.


How has Kem Sokha betrayed democracy?


Kem Sokha knowingly betrayed democracy when he entered into the Faustian Pact with Hun Sen in creating the vote-splitting Human Rights Party, waged a cold war within the CNRP to undermine Sam Rainsy at every turn, and finally staged the internal coup that propelled him to CNRP "president".

He sold his soul to the devil for money and power, with a reckless disregard for the well-being of the nation.

His betrayal has set back democracy by at least 25 years to the time of UNTAC, a sweat and blood struggle to gain inch by incremental inch of a budding democracy yet very fragile.

In this betrayal is also the betrayal of countless lives sacrificed along the way, genuine heroes known and unknown, before the age of the internet, Unicode and Facebook, when democracy was fought for in the dark.  Many of these lives were friends and colleagues.

Kem Sokha's betrayal of democracy is well-known among Cambodians upon the release and wide dissemination by the CPP via its mouth-piece Fresh News of (i) secret recording of a 21-minute conversation between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha and (2) lengthy text exchanges between Hun Sen's cabinet and Kem Sokha / Mao Monyvann.


1. Secretly taped recording between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha, released by Fresh News on 4 March 2017:




2. សារឆ្លេីយឆ្លង តាម Whatapps រវាង មន្ត្រី ខុទ្ទកាល័យលោក ហ៊ុន សែន ជាមួយ តំណាងរាស្ត្រ បក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ ម៉ៅ មុន្នីវណ្ណ និងលោក កឹម សុខា ជំវីញ ការរៀបចំ គំរោង ផែនការ របស់លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ឲ្យ​លោក កឹម សុខា ឡេីងជាប្រធាន បក្ស | Communications between Hun Sen's cabinet and Mao Monyvann and Kem Sokha re replacing Sam Rainsy as CNRP president in an internal coup

សីហា Seiha's Facebook, 3 March 2017


Mao Monyvann and Hun Many

Treachery and betrayals in the foul and filthy air



3.  My reaction to the released secret tape recording, 5 March 2017, here:


"This secret recording

is really a blessing in disguise

for the CNRP

because now the destructive deadweights

are publicly revealed"

Theary Seng, 5 March 2017


Yes, I woke up this Sunday morning to the taped conversation between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha lasting 21:32 minutes.

Yes, I believe it is their real conversation: a servile Sokha sounding like a trapped, wounded animal and a very dominant Sen sounding completely in control of the conversation, steering Sokha to confess or agree to damning information, that Hun Sen helped establish the Human Rights Party and that Sokha and his daughter Mona have been scheming the internal coup, "Give it [Sam Rainsy] a hard slap... Can you do that? ... Just simply go on Facebook."

One of the many manifestations was Mona's public assault mocking Sam Rainsy as Peter Pan which drew such a public outrage against her that she and the father had to slither back; once again for the sake of a united CNRP, Sam Rainsy bailed them out.

Unlike the foreign press that lives in a parallel universe, the Cambodian democrats have always had strong suspicions of Sokha and his Human Rights Party, that it was established with Hun Sen's help to split the democrats' votes and sow confusion. And knew that he and Mona were at every turn undermining Sam Rainsy. Unfortunately, we are proven right on both counts.

If Kem Sokha doesn't want to be the most hated man and has ANY decency left, he should (1) dismiss his daughter Mona from all CNRP leadership positions, (2) resign and allow for the CNRP to hold a genuine extraordinary congress and nominate Kong Korm as presidential candidate to be voted on. I put forward again my formula of Kong Korm, Mu Sochua, Yim Sovann and Yem Ponhearith (where I had Sokha here before).

Sokha and Mona have been not only deadweights but destructive forces. If they want to salvage any of their ill-gained wealth and respectability, they should resign.

This secret recording--only to Sokha and not to Sen-- obvious from how Sen steered the conversation and his use of language in setting the trap--is really a blessing in disguise for the CNRP (minus Sokha and his unreformed minions within) because now the destructive deadweights are publicly revealed.

People will continue to vote CNRP IN SPITE OF Sokha as I had said earlier, now made easier because he's been outed.

I will vote CNRP and encourage everyone to do so as well--whatever Sokha's decision--because once CNRP wins, the voters will put Sam Rainsy in leadership once again.

The release of these exchanges were also widely covered by both the more neutral English and Khmer press.  Hun Sen has confirmed their authenticity.


I have listened and read the text exchanges and believe they are the genuine correspondences, particularly because they confirmed my long-held suspicions of the Human Rights Party since its formation and the cold war waged within the CNRP straining the unity, the HRP side/KS loyalists bulldozing their agenda through during the creation and existence of the CNRP, knowing Sam Rainsy and his loyalists would protect the CNRP unity at all costs in a lesser evil decision, a license for them to be treacherous, reckless in their pursuit of taking over CNRP.


Sam Rainsy and his loyalists, caught between Scylla and Charybdis, chose adamantine unity. (Think the resistance movement's dilemma of the 1980s: the Khmer Rouge and the PRK/Vietnamese Occupiers.)


One only needs to review the statements reported in the media of the KS camp and the SR camp: one is for division, the other constantly smoothing over this division.


Ex. Yim Sovann's silence or deflection when asked about Mona's using his name stamp to kick out Thy Sovantha. Or, Sam Rainsy on Twitter asking Ou Virak, the "independent" analyst, to stop his personal abuse of him.


Here's another example, a petty one, but it reflects this mentality of the KS camp attempting to break unity throughout CNRP until now but less strident after the internal coup: the insertion of the HRP colors of yellow and green into the CNRP logo and associated banners, flags and stickers.


The effort to insert the HRP colors into CNRP occurred at the very beginning and continues to this day with the new CNRP-sans-SR logo, led by Mao Monyvann.  The SR camp tried to maintain unity for the public by having some of its loyalists also don the T-shirts or caps soaked in yellow and green to blend in with the KS camp.  At one time, some members of the SR camp had to be creative and print CNRP logo on all PINK caps and T-shirts and wear them to intersperse with the yellow/green to neutralize the dissension for the public.

Mao Monyvann's Facebook cover, August 2017

Kem Sokha's daughter Samathida at July 2013 rally

CNRP sign after Sam Raiinsy's resignation, after Kem Sokha became "president, 2017








We agree on UNITY.

Unity against Hun Sen.

That is not the issue.

The issue is:

Unity behind WHAT?

Unity of WHAT?


If the national elections are to be held at this moment in time, it doesn't matter who is the president -- for that matter, it could be my dog Lady Delilah -- the CNRP would win. Hence, the more we need to protect the institution (the party, the CNRP).  Knowing this, the KS loyalists will try to use the institution as a way to whitewash its betrayal of democracy by making CNRP synonymous with Kem Sokha, which is very dangerous in weakening CNRP.

- Theary, 22 Sept. 2017




CNRP-sans-SR's exclusive strategy

of "Unite behind Kem Sokha"

rather than inclusive "Unite behind CNRP"


Theary Seng, 19 Sept. 2017


My fears are being confirmed that the senior leaders of the CNRP-sans-SR have as their only strategy in the wake of Sokha's arrest is to call and unite behind his release. This strategy was made almost unilaterally, it appears by the timing of it, as his daughter Monovithya Kem (Mona), immediately made public statements to this strategy, as no mention was made of an executive committee or any kind of meetings of an emergency nature to discuss strategy. So effectively, Mona issues unilaterally the strategy, and her seniors (only in title?) fall into step. The tail wags the dog?

At the time, Yim Sovann kept and remained silent (now overseas), Eng Chhay Eang was overseas, leaving Mu Sochua to deal with the KS camp of internal coup victors and appeasers and they run roughshod over her; not even senior whip Son Chhay could help by attempting to offer a different perspective.

All of CNRP-sans-SR now will be made to make KS a hero, whitewash his treachery of deep betrayal of democracy.

No other INCLUSIVE strategy of "Unite behind CNRP" is possible; only the EXCLUSIVE "Unite behind Kem Sokha" (with the byline: Kem Sokha is a hero).

The difference is a fine but significant one as it allows supporters like me to "Unite behind CNRP" with my added "in spite of Kem Sokha".

Whereas the latter, an extremely exclusive one, has to re-write history to redeem Kem Sokha by going further in making him a hero, pushes me to want to puke -- sorry, that was a 4-letter word -- Let me try again: makes me want to throw up in light of his treachery in betraying 25+ years of fragile democracy of minute-to-minute sweat and blood struggle and sacrifice, consuming the lives of countless genuine heroes.


All for what? The vaulting ambition of Sokha and his Lady Macbeths?



Facebook, 7 Sept. 2017








Facebook, 25 Sept. 2017

Som Nawk Well, am not a fan of KS either, if not at all but rather your fan totally [it's been] for a long time now, Theary. By the time you divulged/revealed the ruin/ destruction/demolition of the Democracy in Cambodia by Kem Sokha and his accomplices, Hun Sen included, where most [nationally and/or internationally] never knew existed to begin with, the outside world had already [via many protests, demonstrations, and what not] in words or in display [shouted out] " free Kem Sokha"...Nowhere in there have we seen or found the word "CNRP" ... Tonton Thomico's language sounded a bit consoling/cajoling if not already compromising while Tonton Long Botta sounded a bit harsh if not outright arrogant [to have pissed you off in the process] in their comment vis-a-vis you. My question here is - have you accomplished what you want to accomplish academically, politically or otherwise, Theary? Will your proposed solution to save the CNRP work when, according to some, you have already killed it? Truly yours, Somnawk.

Theary C. Seng: I mainly gathered and synthesized public information that had been disseminated via the CPP's 25 TV stations, radio, print media and Facebook pages and shared countless thousands of times, and picked up by the more independent media in both Khmer and English. It may be the case that the Cambodian public is more knowledgeable on this matter than those without Khmer language skills or are overseas. - Theary, 27 Sept. 2017


Facebook, 26 Sept. 2017


This person is taking my words beyond what I had written and mean in the 2nd para. My "Unite behind CNRP and not Kem Sokha" is context-specific.

Given the circumstances and in light of the facts, why unite behind a betrayer of democracy? And alienate party officials and supporters? As a strategy, why not unite behind the party CNRP which is more inclusive? As political messaging, why exclude and alienate?

We rally behind individuals all the time. In a presidential system, you must rally behind the person. Less necessary in a parliamentary system because you are not directly voting for a prime minister. Everywhere, we rally behind individuals who represent the good, the honorable, the courageous.

I do not like "the idea of uniting behind Kem Sokha, the individual," because Kem Sokha is a liar, betrays democracy, is a hypocrite, is an intellectual lightweight, is ignorant -- why would I rally behind someone like this? Especially in a leader?

I rally behind Sam Rainsy because he is the best person to lead the country.

- Theary, Facebook, 27 Sept. 2017










11 Feb. 2017:

Sam Rainsy resigns as CNRP president

2 March 2017:

Kem Sokha "elected" as CNRP president

3-4 March 2017:

Govt-mouthpiece Fresh News released Whatsapp text exchanges and secret tape recording between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha

12 May 2017:

Washington State issued 5-year ID card to Kem Sokha

3 Sept. 2017:

Arrested for "treason"




16 October 2017

National Assembly passed amendments to 4 laws to redistribute CNRP NA seats to other parties and CNRP commune councilor positions to itself -- in the process of dissolving the CNRP.



15 November 2017

Sam Rainsy rejoins CNRP



16 November 2017

Supreme Court dissolved CNRP







Kem Sokha is a Hypocrite.


Washington state ID card for the "courageous" Strawman Kem Sokha to flee from his collaborator Strongman Hun Sen?


Facebook, 12 Sept. 2017

Phnom Penh Post, 11 Sept. 2017






Related: "Cowards and Fools"

exchanges on Facebook, 10 Oct. 2017

Read the complete conversation strand, here











Kem Sokha is a Liar.











Kem Sokha is corrupt.



The US Congress prohibited the USD 7 million to be given to a political party.  It offered instead anyone interested to start the Cambodian Center for Human Rights.  Kem Sokha, then a Funcinpec politician, heard of the offer (read: money!) and took it up.  He was strapped for cash; he had just borrowed USD 4,000 from a mutual friend of ours (the friend told me on several occasions).  Soon after, he built a mansion on land he had just bought in Tuol Kork.  As the finishing touches were being done on this mansion, his daughter Mona told me that someone already wanted to buy it from them at an offer of USD 3 million; they refused; the mansion is their private residence to this day.


Confidential US Embassy memos, March 2007, released by WikiLeaks

"Kem Sokha Reenters Politics"









Kem Sokha is a nepotist.



One of the non-negotiable demands that Kem Sokha made in joining his HRP with SRP to create the CNRP was that his daughter Mona would hold multiple executive positions within the newly-created CNRP: (i) Member of the Executive Committee; (ii) Member of the Standing Committee; (iii) Member of the Permanent Committee; and (iv) Deputy Spokesman but oftentimes had more swayed than her senior the veteran and internationally-respected Mu Sochua.







Kem Sokha is

an intellectual lightweight.



Over the years, I would often shake my head when I hear The Strawman speak, mainly (1) a repetition of what he had heard that sounds mildly intelligent, (2) a cliche that he really likes by the way he harps on it, e.g., "ballot not bullet", (3) or just pure fluff, mumbo-jumbo nonsense, particularly when he is in an interview with Sam Rainsy where his insecurity is most pronounced; it's like a father gently covering up for a child before a public audience to keep face (and show of unity), letting The Strawman make all the prior agreed-upon bullet points or else he would run out of substantive things to say; Sam Rainsy with the mental agility to say these points in a hundred different ways would then flesh them out. Go back and listen carefully to the RFA interviews of The Strawman on his own and with Sam Rainsy.

Someone really should transcribe the conversations to illustrate the night-and-day difference.

Here, let me translate this "content" to give you a sense of The Strawman's depth:


Morning of 25-June-2017/ Prey Veng Province


Every person normally desires "peace alike" every country also needs "peace"


"To build achievement" is fortune for sure but if any building is because to fulfill one's excessive greed and makes other suffer that is not called "crystal clear generosity".


"Peace" is born out of about stillness in each individual heart. Especially for a leader or a politician is very important do not allow to have burning rage growing in the heart at all. Burning rage that is born out of greed of a politician or leader it will cast influence on others those around oneself the people and will lead to suffering until it causes instability and insecurity in society.


A leader should determine for stillness in his heart and adopt prumvihearthor* in leadership in order to make himself at peace those around him will also have peace and will make the nation have stability and peace.


Given at "ceremony for inauguration of [...] and temple entrance" of Krang Prey Phneuv Temple [...] Prey Veng


* prumvihearthor refers to the sublime attitudes of goodwil, compassion, empathetic joy













Kem Sokha is ignorant

(and thus dangerous).


A non-Cambodian friend had suggested to me that Kem Sokha is a racist for his statements about Tuol Sleng or S-21  (Vietnamese conspiracy) and the Koh Pich Stampede (orchestrated by Vietnam).


I don't think so.  I think he is stunningly ignorant which makes him dangerous.


When one is ignorant, one uses crude language and crude instruments, either to the harm of the other party (Vietnamese) or to the harm of the nation (Cambodian sovereignty), in excessive use of force or in excessive retreat/concession.










Kem Sokha


is a Strawman-King.



A strawman is a person set up only to serve as a cover, and is regarded as having no substance or integrity.

In recent years, his family vacationed in the Swiss Alps; his daughters partied away in Cannes.  All on his sole income; the wife and daughters haven't worked until Mona's multiple positions within the CNRP.

He sips USD 2 Fiji bottled water, captured in images recently in remote Pursat province, leering over the CNRP supporters on a raised dais sitting on a thick wooden throne.

He demanded to fly first-class, creating an internal uproar among overseas supporters when the issue was first raised -- many supporters who have been giving out of their poverty as the Cambodian-American community in Stockton, the most generous community to SRP and now CNRP, for example, comprises of mainly families living on minimum wage.







Shakespeare's MACBETH




Theary, 18 Oct. 2017


Shakespeare's plays Macbeth and Richard the III capture well the ambitions, ruthlessness and treachery of the Strongman Sen and the Strawman Sokha.

Macbeth dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake.

And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths

Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself And falls on the other.


Richard the III depicts self-destructive responses from those around him and itemizes a nation of enablers.














Why "in spite of Kem Sokha..."


Kem Sokha sips Fiji on his throne. Pursat, 8 July 2017

Of all the thrones in this series "Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne", I find this the most disturbing as I imagine the different scenarios that led to this meal seating.


As it's inside, the plastic chairs had to be intentionally sought out and brought in from the outside or back corner somewhere for the plebeians to use rather than just pulling the similar chairs within reach already there; King Sokha made a huge effort to distinguish his chair from those of the visiting plebes coming to pay their respects (and tributes?).


A reflection of the smallness of a man who came to power in an internal coup aided by Hun Sen that I find extremely unsettling, to put it mildly.


















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