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-  Theary, Phnom Penh, late-night Tuesday, 30 Nov. 2010

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Update of Extraordinary Chambers (ECCC)

by Open Society Justice Initiative, December 2010


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Officers of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims of Cambodia (AKRVC) Meeting

Civicus-CJR Phnom Penh, 1 Dec. 2010

Theary Seng with great uncle Seng Chen Ani and friends (Phnom Penh, 1 Dec. 2010)
Theary Seng with Paris family, Dr. Denis (Phnom Penh, 1 Dec. 2010)
Lunch with great uncle Seng Chen An, wife, and their family all visiting from Paris, with Dr. Bouth Denis (consultant for World Health Organization who was on the scene of the Koh Pich tragedy) and his family and prolific author OUM Suphany at Theary Seng's house (Phnom Penh, 1 Dec. 2010) before Theary and Sok Leang's meeting with lawyer Emmanuel Jacomy of Shearman and Sterling LLP who is representing pro bono Civil Parties at the ECCC.

Officers of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims of Cambodia (AKRVC) meeting with special guests from Paris - Mr. SENG Chen An (retired Education Specialist in the French Ministry of Education) and his brother-in-law; Civicus-CJR Fellows from Washington, DC (Kenisha Marks) and Hamburg, Germany (judge-in-training Jonathan Burmeister), and Cambodia's own famous face of Amy Thangdy Kim (of Taste of Life) and now Civicus-CJR Youth Ambassador (a counterpart to the Civicus-CJR Youth Ambassador Alissa Rosskopf in Germany/Switzerland); Mr. Sok Leang (who as acting director of the Center for Justice & Reconciliation is quoted in the 1 Dec. 2010 Washington Post article, reprinted in KI-Media, on reconciliation).  Meeting presided by Founder and President of AKRVC Ms. Theary C. SENG (Civicus-CJR Phnom Penh, 1 Dec. 2010).






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Dr. DOAN Viet Hoat

the Sakharov of Vietnam

Doan Viet Hoat is known as the Sakharov of Vietnam for his intellectual range and outspoken role as leader of the democratic movement, even from the prison cell. Hoat protested the South Vietnamese government's suppression of Buddhists in the 1960s while still a student. He went to study in the US and got a Ph.D. in Education in 1971. Returning back to Vietnam in 1971, he concentrated on upgrading Van Hanh University (a Buddhist private university in Saigon) to the world level of a modern institution of higher learning. In April 1975, when North Vietnam took over South Vietnam, Hoat stayed in Vietnam.

By 1976, Hoat was imprisoned when the new authorities embarked on mass arrests of intellectuals, and he spent the next twelvfe years confied to a cramped cell,k shared with forty others. Upon his release, Hoat began publishing an underground magazine, entitled Freedom Forum (Dien Dan Tu Do). Only months later, he was detained without trial for two years, then in March 1993, sentenced to twenty years in prison for "attempting to overthrow the people's government." Throughout his imprisonment, Hoat continued to issue statements on democracy and to offer criticism of the regime that were sent out of the prisons clandestinely. The Vietnamese government transferred Hoat from one detention center to another, in an attempt to silence him, but everywhere he went, Hoat's charismatic temperament won over fellow prisoners and guards alike, who sought his counsel and carried out his letters. Finally, Hoat was sent to the most remote prison in the country, Thanh Cam Labor Camp, Thanh Hoa province, and all prisoners were removed from the cells adjacent to his own. He spent four and a half years in solitary confinement until, in September 1998, after intense international pressure, Doan Viet Hoat was released, then exiled. He now lives in the United States, and continues his movement for human rights and democracy for Vietnam.

-  Kerry Kennedy


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Speak Truth To Power

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Theary C. Seng, 11 January 2012
Chaktomuk Theatre, Phnom Penh, January 2010

January 7 is indeed a significant day for survivors of the Khmer Rouge. It arrested the macabre convulsions that would have swallowed all of us into a hellish hole if the [ ... ]


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