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ECCC Cases 003 and 004


Theary Seng, ECCC timeline, 17 April 2011

ECCC timeline, 17 April 2011

in KI-Media


Case 003:  "Charged Persons" Meas Muth, Sou Met (governed by "personal jurisdiction of either "Senior KR Leaders" for their national role as commanders of the Navy and Air Force of Democratic Kampuchea (respectively) and/or "Most Responsible" for their role as military commanders of Southwest Zone divisions). Case file 003 contains a request for the Co-Investigating Judges to investigate eight “distinct factual situations of murder, torture, unlawful detention, forced labour and persecution [which]... if proved, would constitute crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and violations of the 1956 Cambodian Penal Code.”

Case 004:
"Charged Person" Madam Im Chaem - one of 3 former KR district chiefs (of one grandmother "yay" and 2 grandfathers "Ta") under the personal jurisdiction of "Most Responsible" Case file 004 contains a request for the Co- Investigating Judges to investigate thirty-two “distinct factual situations of murder, torture, unlawful detention, forced labour, and persecution [which] ... if proved, would constitute crimes against humanity, violations of the 1956 Cambodian Penal Code and genocide.”


A Press Release from the Acting International Co-Prosecutor: ECCC Press Release - Acting International Co-Prosecutor requests investigation of additional suspects, 8 September 2009.


Theary Seng, ECCC overview, 17 April 2011

ECCC overview, 17 April 2011

in KI-Media

. . . .

Named in the media:

***Meas Mut (Ta Mok's son-in-law)***

- Compilation in KI Media, 9 April 2011

- 3 of 7 Khmer Rouge Suspects Deny Killings (Kyodo, 20 July 2001)

- Khmer Rouge Torture Chief Faces "Killing Fields" Tribunal (UK Daily Mail, 31 July 2007)

- War Crimes Panel Charges Khmer Rouge Chief (UK Guardian, 1 Aug. 2007)

- Meas Muth, Ta Mok's Son-in-Law, Might Face Arrest
(Moneaksekar Khmer,
17 Jan. 2008

- Meas Muth Not Care about ECCC Actions (Moneaksekar Khmer, 29 Jan. 2008

- Indict No More: Former Rebel Commander
(VOA Khmer, 25 March 2009)

- Prosecutions of more than five existing KR leaders not only difficult in finding justice, but also fueling instability, says Meas Muth (Rasmei Kampuchea, 21 April 2009)

- Tribunal Moves on Additional Inquiries
(Phnom Penh Post, 3 Sept. 2009)

- Former Khmer Rouge Questions Indictment (VOA, 7 Sept. 2009)

- Indictments Hint at Tribunal Independence: Scholar
(VOA Khmer
, 9 Sept. 2009)

- No more than 10 former Members of the KR will be Prosecuted before ECCC, International Justice Tribune, (Thierry Cruvellier, 17 Sept. 2009)

- Questions Linger over more Tribunal Indictments
(VOA Khmer
, 18 Sept. 2009)

- Cadres Face Prospect of More Arrests (Phnom Penh Post, 10 Nov. 2009)

- The Cambodia Daily, 1 Dec. 2010

* * *Sou Met* * *

Charged Persons & Persons of Interest (Cambodia Tribunal Monitor)

- UN and Cambodia set to sign historic deal for Khmer Rouge trial (AFP, 6 June 2003)

- Cambodia, U.N. expect maximum of 15 people to face genocide trial (Kyodo, 20 December 2003)

- Cambodia on trial over genocide trial (Asia Times, January 10, 2004)

- Khmer Rouge leaders finally will face tribunal (New York Times, 5 October 2004)

Khmer Rouge leaders will final face tribunal (Chicago Tribune, 5 Oct. 2004)

- Lawmakers in Cambodia Vote to Try Khmer Rouge (The New York Times, 5 October 2004)

- Is It Worth It and for Whom? A Public Discussion held in Phnom Penh (, 17 November 2004)

- The Khmer Rouge, and a region, on trial (Yin Soeum, World Prout Assembly, 11 May 2006)

'The Butcher' of Cambodia escapes justice (IPS, 26 July 2006)

- How many Khmer Rouge leaders will be prosecuted in Cambodia? (Asia Sentinel, 27 July 2006)

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge in court (Le Monde Diplomatique, 11 October 2006)

- Khmer Rouge Tribunal comes to life (IPS, 10 October 2008)

- “War Crimes” Trials in Cambodia Await War Crimes Accusations, 30 October 2008)

- Cambodia: More Khmer Rouge Leaders May Stand Trial (Global Geopolitics & Political Economy, 27 Nov. 2008)

- More Khmer Rouge Leaders May Stand Trial (IPS, 27 November 2008)

- Who Should Stand Trial in Cambodia? (John D. Ciorciari, 10 December 2008)

- Cambodia: Justice In Sight for Khmer Rouge Victims (IPS, 12 February 2009)

- Duch and Expert Agree on Khmer Rouge Communication Structure, but Disagree Regarding Responsibility (The Trial Observer, 27 May 2009)

Former Khmer Rouge Leaders Do Not Cooperate with the Co-Investigating Judges (Cambodia Mirror, 30 May 2009)

- Two Experts Testify; One Barely Speaks (Cambodia Tribunal Monitor, 26 May 2009)

- Five more suspects in Phnom Penh (International Justice Tribune 89, 16 September 2009)

-  Appeal Brief by the Co-Lawyers for Kaing Guek  Eav alias "Duch" Against the Trial Chamber Judgement of 26 July 2010 (ECCC Court Document, 26 July 2010)

* * *Im Chaem* * *

- VOA interview Charged Person Im Chaem, 10 Sept. 2009

- An ex-KR claims the Right to be Forgotten (Le Monde, 29 Sept. 2009)

- Le Monde Suggests Im Chem is a Suspect (Phnom Penh Post, 4 Oct. 2009)

- Last Khmer Rouge to Defect Discuss Reconciliation
(VOA, 16 April 2010)

- Question of Further Indictments Continues to Hang over Tribunal
(VOA Khmer, 13 Aug. 2010)

- Cambodian Reconciliation Efforts Force Khmer Rouge Veterans to Confront the Past
(The Washington Post, 2 Dec. 2010)

"Charged Persons" Meas Muth and Sou Met

named in published research papers, books

by scholars and international lawyers:

- Seven Candidates for Prosecution: Accountability for Crimes of the Khmer Rouge (excerpts on "Charged Persons" Meas Muth and Sou Met), by Prof. Stephen Heder and international lawyer Brian D. Tittemore (War Crimes Research Office, American University, June 2001)

- Getting Away with Genocide (Dr. Helen Jarvis, Tom Fawthrop, 2005) naming "Charged Persons" Meas Muth and Sou Met (Excerpts in KI Media, 9 April 2011)



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