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Theary Seng in the News

Theary Seng RFA interview
Theary Seng with RFA host Chivita (RFA Phnom Penh studio, late 2008)


Theary Seng's reaction to Duch Verdict, July 2010


Theary Seng, RFA


CNN’s World Untold Stories “Judging Genocide” (aired 14–20 Sept. 2007) and ABC’s Foreign Correspondent (Australia) “Judging Genocide” – Half hour feature on author and CSD executive director Theary Seng and the ECCC outreach work of CSD public forum unit.

DW-TV (Germany’s international broadcaster), ZDF (TV stations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichenstein, etc.) Poor-8 (P-8) Rock Concert (to join Global Call to Action against Poverty, with rock stars U2’s Bono, Herbert Gronenmeyer, Bob Geldof to coincide with G-8 Summit in Heiligendamm) – CSD executive director representing Cambodia as one of 8 developing countries, addressed crowd “Poverty is not fate” speech. Aired on all German TV stations all day on 7 June 2007.

Voice of America TV Program “Making a Difference: Cambodia’s Theary Seng works to heal her country” (audience of 20 Million worldwide)

NHK (Japan’s international broadcaster)

Al Jazeera English Program “Witness” hosted by Rageh Omaar, half hour interview with author and CSD executive director Theary Seng in the Al Jazeera London studio.


CBC Television documentary film about CSD outreach activities relating to ECCC and KR history at Kampong Thom public forum.


BBC World News (interviews relating to ECCC, Civil Party and victims participation, anniversary of KR capture of Phnom Penh in 1975, CSD public forums etc.)


CNN World News (interview outside ECCC regarding Civil Party participation). Feb. 2008

Al Jazeera World News (interviews of CSD executive director regarding oil and gas; ECCC victims participation).


Al Jazeera TV Program 101 East “Foreign Aid in Cambodia” – half hour program with interviews of Foreign Minister Hor Namhong, opposition leader Sam Rainy and civil society leader CSD executive director Theary Seng; and panel of ADB country director, CICP director and CSD executive director Theary Seng)


VOA TV News The Khmer Rouge Tribunal – interview with CSD executive director on her views of the ECCC and associated concerns.


Irish documentary film: 3 years, 8 months, 20 days


France TV (including ARTE) – mainly relating to ECCC and Khmer Rouge history and work of CSD outreach activities regarding this, e.g. CSD executive director as Civil Party in ECCC criminal proceedings.


Mia Farrow’s Dream for Darfur Cambodia events organized by CSD (over 100,000 references on Google, with many film clips)


ABC (Australia) World News “Impact of Cambodia AusAID Talk Back Radio”


Theary Seng at National Press Club, Wash. DC, 5 March 2010
Theary Seng at National Press Club (Washington, DC. 5 March 2010)




RUFA Media & Communications Department “Daughter of the Killing Fields”, sreened at French Cultural Center and other art houses in Phnom Penh.


TVK (half hour program including interview of CSD executive director regarding victims participation and CSD public forum in Koh Kong). Oct. 2008


TVK Equity News (interview with CSD executive director regarding NGO Law) Oct. 2008


CTN “Time for Justice Film Series” Round-table discussions of its scope and impact. Sept. 2008


CTN, TVK, Apsara TV etc. coverage of ECCC pre-trial detention hearings of Duch, Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary where CSD executive director attended or is a civil party. Fall 2007 and early 2008.


CTN (national and international) – YLC series (see “Youth Leadership Challenge”) – popular TV program to instill civic responsibility and leadership skills among young people.


. . . . .


RFA Call-in Show, guests Theary Seng, Reach Sambath, host Leng Maly 22 April 2011

RFA Call-in Show, guests Theary Seng, Reach Sambath, host Leng Maly 22 April 2011
RFA Call-in Show re Cases 003/004: Guests civil party applicant Theary Seng, ECCC chief of public affairs Reach Sambath, RFA host Leng Maly (Phnom Penh, 22 April 2011), 16 April 2009


The Washington PostKhmer Rouge Defendant Expresses ' Heartfelt Sorrow', 31 March 2009



The Washington Post: Trial of Khmer Rouge Torture Boss Opens, 31 March 2009, 30 March 2009



BBC News, 29 March 2009



Cambodge Soir, 17 December 2008



Asia Times, 12 Dec. 2008



The Phnom Penh Post, 1 Dec. 2008


The Post.Blogs, 25 Nov. 2008



Asia Times, 14 Nov. 2008



The Phnom Penh Post, 27 Oct. 2008



The Phnom Penh Post, 2 Sept. 2008 Foreign Aid in Cambodia



Cambodge Soir: CSD Points Out Election Irregularities, 31 July 2008



The New York Times: In Khmer Rouge Trial, Victims Will Not Stand Idly By


VOA Television Making a Difference


Cambodge Soir 10-16 au Juillet 2008:
Une partie civile en colere


The Cambodia Daily: Chamber Seeking Input on Civil Party Statements, 10 July 2008



The International Herald TribuneTribunal in Cambodia Gives Victims a Voice, 17 June 2008



Time Magazine 9 June 2008

The Phnom Penh Post May 16-29 2008:

CSD is proud to announce and Welcome its new 11 member Board of Directors with voting right.


The Phnom Penh Post April 4-17, 2008: Nat Assembly not fulfilling role: CSD


The Cambodia Daily: Judicial System Lacks Funds, Personnel, 21 March 2008


Due Process Urgently Needed for Cambodian Criminal Suspects


Khmer New Era, Nº 205 Year 2008


The Mekong Times, 20 March 2008: Q&A


Cambodge Soir, 12 March 2008


Rasmei Kampuchea Daily 2-3 March 2008: Natural Resource Extraction and its Impact


. . . . .


Theary Seng at RFA call-in show (Phnom Penh, 2009)


Historic Victim Participation as Civil Party

Theary Seng addressing the ECCC Pre-Trial Chamber

at the Nuon Chea hearing, 8 Feb. 2008


- Khmer Rouge's Brother No. 2 Back in Court in Cambodia (VOA, 7 Feb. 2008)

- Cambodian Genocide Victim Confronts Ex Khmer Rouge Leader (AP Ker Munthit, The Irrawaddy, 9 Feb. 2008). Liberal Legal Norms Meet Collective Criminality (John Ciorciari, March 2011, Michigan Law Review)

- Cambodian genocide victim confronts former Khmer Rouge leader in courtroom (ABC Australia, 9 Feb. 2008)


- Khmer Rouge Victims Address Court (BBC News, 8 Feb. 2008)

- After 30 Years, Victim of Khmer Rouge Faces Leader in Court (Andrew Buncombe, The Independent UK, 9 Feb. 2008)

- Khmer Rouge victim confronts regime leader in court (AFP, 8 Feb. 2008). Re-print in Cambodia Tribunal (9 Feb. 2008)


- Survivors Face Khmer Rouge Leader (Al Jazeera, 8 Feb. 2008)


- Khmer Rouge Victim Confronts Regime Leader in Court (Turkish Press, 7 Feb. 2008)


- Pol Pot Number Two Blames Outsiders for Ills (Reuters, 8 Feb. 2008)

- Top Associate of Pol Pot Faces Victim in Courtroom (The Washington Post, 9 Feb. 2008)


- Genocide Victim Confronts former Khmer Rouge Leader (Gulf News, 9 Feb. 2008)

- Victims Take Part in Nuon Chea's Hearing (Impunity Watch, 8 Feb. 2008)

- A Tour of a Killing Field (FrontPage Magazine, 29 Feb. 2008) 18 Feb 2008 Feb 12 2008: Khmer Rouge No. 2 Charged In Cambodia


Theary Seng, BBC Feb. 2008

. . . . .

Dream for Darfur in Cambodia

The Phnom Penh Post 25 Jan - 7 Feb, 2008

KI Media 24 Jan 2008 24 Jan 2008

Kampuchea Thmey Tue, 22 Jan 2008

Chouy Khmer News 21-22 Jan 2008

Koh Santepheap 21 Jan 2008

Raksmey Angkor 21 Jan 2008 21 Jan 2008 20 Jan 2008 20 Jan 2008 20 Jan 2008 20 Jan 2008

News 20 Jan 2008 20 Jan 2008 19 Jan 2008 19 Jan 2008

The Cambodia Daily: Actress Regrets ‘Obstruction’ of Darfur Ceremony, 24 January 2008

The Cambodia Daily: Darfur Demonstrators Deny Newswire Report, 22 January 2008


The Cambodia Daily: Police Block Actress Farrow's Toul Sleng Protest, 21 January 2008)


The Phnom Penh Post, January 11-24 2008


The Cambodia Daily: Planned Darfur Rally at Toul Sleng Receives US Support
Tuesday 15 January 2008

. . . . .


IT CITY Magazine: December 2007


International Herald Tribune: Cambodian genocide tribunal hit by new fears of delay Cambodia's new oil wealth - 6 Aug. 2007 The Surviving Lieutenants Of Cambodia's Pol Pot


Debate Over Who can try Mid-Level KR
The Cambodia Daily, 15 November 2007


South China Morning Post, 1 November 2007


UN Press Release Nº 6117, 31 October 2007


The Phnom Penh Post, October 19- November 1, 2007


CSD Chief Files 1st Civil Party Application to ECCC
The Cambodia Daily, September 26, 2007


Taipei Times, September 21, 2007, Khmer Rouge Lader Charged Tribunal, 19 Sep. 2007


AFP, Arrest seen as boost for Khmer Rouge genocide court, 18 Sep. 2007


Globe Magazine, September 2007


Youth Council of Cambodia July 2007


Time for Legal Answers Arrives al 'Killing Fields' Trial, 25 July 2007


Rasmei Kampuchea July 22-23, 2007


Koh Santepheap Daily July 21-22, 2007


VOA: Relatives of Pol Pot join visit to killing fields, 18 July 2007


South China Moring Post, Rules set for Khmer Rouge trails, 14 June 2007


Former US Diplomat Questions Worth of Planned Cambodia Tribunal
12 June 2007


Koh Santepheap Daily June 12, 2007


Somne Thmey Daily May 28-June 3, 2007


Maclean's Magazine - Khmer Rouge Tribunal
7 May 2007


Southeastern GLOBE Magazine March 2007


Samey Thmey March, 2007


The Phnom Penh Post, 23 March 2007


Rasmei Kampuchea March 18, 2007


Koh Santepheap Daily March 17, 2007


Koh Santepheap Daily March 14, 2007


The Phnom Penh Post March 9-22,2007


Cambodge Soir, 26 Feb. 2007


The Cambodia Daily:  Courts Violated Many Right in 2006, Monitor Finds, 26 Feb. 2007


Rasmei Kampuchea, 18 Jan. 2007


Kampuchea Thmei, 18 Jan. 2007


Koh Santepheap, 15 Jan. 2007


The Phnom Penh Post, 11 Jan. 2007


Libertés Septembre 2006

Theary Seng
Photo: John Vink for Liberation (France)

Civil party Theary Seng, FEb. 2008
Theary Seng















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