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Civil Party Theary Seng interview by praCh, 27 Jan. 2011



. . . . .


Request of Civil Party Theary Seng to the Co-Prosecutors

to include her and 12 Members of Orphans Class

in their List of Witnesses to the Trial Chamber

due 31 Jan. 2011.



Theary Seng interview on CTN on being an ECCC Civil Party (15 June 2009)
Theary Seng's interview for CTN at her home on what it means to be a Civil Party in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (15 June 2009).  MORE PHOTOS . . .

Theary Seng at CTN studio, 20 Aug. 2010
Theary Seng taping Duch on Trial at CTN main studio, 20 Aug. 2010.  MORE PHOTOS. . .


Tribunal in Cambodia Gives Victims a Voice (Seth Mydans, 17 June 2008)

In Khmer Rouge Trial, Victims will not stand idly by (Seth Mydans, 17 June 2008)


Facing Genocide

a BRILLIANT feature length film by Swedish film company STORY Production about Khieu Samphan (the Khmer Rouge Head of State) with rare interviews expanding 2 years before his detention at the ECCC.

Facing Genocide a feature length documentary film about Khieu Samphan and Theary Seng as his antagonist and voice of victims (Story Production, 2010)
this feature-length documentary film about Khieu Samphan and Theary Seng as his antagonist and voice of victims (Story Production, 2010).


LENGTHY (54 parts, 8-min each) YouTube videos of

Khieu Samphan's monologues posted May 2011



The Curse of a Nation

(The Bangkok Post's Spectrum, 26 Sept. 2010)


Theary Seng appealing to famed film director Oliver Stone to assist getting Henry Kissinger to testify at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (University of Cambodia, Jan. 2010)
Theary Seng appealing to legendary film director Oliver Stone to use his celebrity to pressure for Henry Kissinger to appear before the Extraordinary Chambers (ECCC), Univ. of Cambodia, Jan. 2010. ( Please contact photographer Nigel Dickinson if you're interested in using this photo.)


Victims to Play Simpler Role at KRT (Phnom Penh Post, 10 Feb. 2010)

Boeung Rai (or, Bung Rei) security center where Theary Seng was detained as a child and where her mom was killed.  Not expressly mentioned in the ECCC scope of investigation even though 30,000 estimated to be killed here.  But now, after Civil Party Theary Seng's request, it is mentioned briefly in the Closing Order as a link to Wat Tlork.  See Closing Order, above  (Photo:  DC-Cam)


Justice Goes Beyond Indictment of Khmer Rouge Leaders

(Inter-Press Service, 18 Sept. 2010)



Theary's BLOG

Entrapment; Prince Sirivudh

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A Language in Crisis: Punctuation is the Key to Development: Commas, Word Spacing

    You're already appropriating
punctuation marks;
now use them properly     About 5-6 years ago, I started posting pages from some Khmer dictionaries where commas were used (even if very sparsely, sporadically), in particular the 7-page [ ... ]


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