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Lawyer CHOUNG Chou-Ngy



This commie idiotic regime arrested my friend, the courageous lawyer Choung Chou-ngy somewhere in Kampong Chhnang province this morning 29 Dec. 2011 morning approx. at 7.30 A.M. Both of his phones are off and we are left in the dark as now with limited information.

- Theary C. Seng, 9:15 a.m. Thursday, 29 Dec. 2011, Phnom Penh



. . . . .


Life in commie North Korea


Comrade Kim Jong Eat


Comrades Kim Jong Hung-ry

by KI-Media, Dec. 2011

. . .

Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting

He's Crazy Enough To Run North Korea


The ONION (December 18, 2011 | ISSUE 46•44)


Re-post in KI-Media


. . . . .

Tribunal Judge’s Appointment Stalled With Government

VOA Khmer, 22 Dec. 2011

In KI-Media

UN (Swiss) Co-Investigating Judge Laurent Kasper Ansermet


. . .

Scant Justice

Expected from Khmer Rouge Trials

The Epoch Times, 22 Dec. 2011

By Kremena Krumova

Re-post in KI-Media

We the victims only agreed to participate in this KRT [Khmer Rouge Trial] at the beginning as civil parties because the U.N. participated. We never, never trusted our government or our judiciary; but we had hopes that the U.N. would counterbalance any shenanigans of this government. But as you and I have witnessed, the U.N. failed us miserably in their silence,” wrote Theary Seng, president of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia, in an email from Phnom Penh.

“For over five years, I believed in this tribunal. Now I attend the hearings the way I would attend a play or a circus performance,” wrote Seng.

Seng, who lost her parents in the mass slaughters known as the killing fields, said that the ECCC has now tipped to the point of illegitimacy and blames the U.N. for turning the tribunal into a “farce and sham” and becoming an accomplice of the regime.

. . .


VOA including my interview at ECCC on 13 Dec. 2011


13 December 2011


Full statement

. . .


Theary Seng's Comment (13 Dec. 2011):

* Earlier today at the ECCC in my film interviews for AP and Reuters, I stated that it would be incomprehensible to me and other victims should Ieng Thirith be released, as it is only another reminder and reflection of the undue delays and the scraps and crumbs of justice that this ECCC (which has the appearance of a court) can offer to us.

I added that this political theatre [whose performance is about "Court and Justice and High Crimes and Misnomers"] can be analogized to a fast-food drive-through - 5 years for the simple Duch case, and then expedite the most "complex" (sic!) case since Nuremberg in a few weeks' time.

Now, this ECCC is at the drive-through window, and the order [or orchestration] is for a "Big Mac" (as it is the only item on the menu), a "Big Mac... but minus the meat, minus the lettuce, minus the tomatoes, minus the pickles...". This ECCC can only provide "yuthethor aid-chai" or junk justice, in this example a Menu that is stripped of everything but a Big Mac, and of the Big Mac, one that is stripped of everything except the buns and mayonnaise.

** What I did not have time to add is that we the victims don't want to have a mentally unfit person on trial either; a win (verdict) is only satisfying when it's a proper win; a verdict is only legitimate when fair trial rights are respected. Again, this decision in the press release has the ingredients of a political farce to appease sentiments rather than the administration of fair trial rights of a court of law.

*** It should be noted that on Sunday, 20 Nov. 2011, the day before the opening trial, the victims at Choeung Ek publicly threatened to withdraw should Ieng Thirith be released.  In light of the fear of a massive mutiny by the victims as civil parties (who exist in name only but given zero substantial role, as the victims you see in court are not "civil parties" but "witnesses", which have always existed in judicial process nationally and internationally, and here witnesses ridiculously have more rights and direct voice than the "unprecedented" civil "party"!)


But fitting with the Season of Giving, the political farce keeps on giving and giving and giving... junk justice.


**** Who is still talking about "legacy" (the passing on of proper legal practices to the national Cambodian court--cough! cough!), the buzz word of months past??


***** It should also be noted that I attend (when am inclined to make the drive to the military compound via idiotic traffic) these hearings now the way I would attend theatre performances (when charitable) or circus acts (when less charitable)...

. . .

14 Dec. 2011

Or the "international standards" of the ECCC can be likened to wine.


The UN and this Commie regime purport to give Cambodians the Chateau Margaux of international standards but in reality we victims get the hideous Randonal (which tastes like a chemical mixture purporting to pass for wine from France).

We argue, but this is not wine [international standards]!

They reply, for you Cambodians, it is, especially if we have enough Silvia Cartwrights and Andrew Cayleys and US-backed Youk Chhangs and Japanese ¥ Yens saying so.

We would have been satisfied with table wine, but Randonal...????

Cambodians -- where is your dignity?

. . . . .


Theary Seng with Surya Subedi, 10 Dec. 2011
Theary Seng catching up with a good friend, Special Rapporteur for Human Rights Prof. Surya Subedi, Phnom Penh, 10 Dec. 2011

. . .


"Another UN Failure"


Commentary Magazine

Bethany Mandel, 7 Dec. 2011

In KI-Media

...Less predictably, the UN-appointed Western judges have been the ones to have their impartiality and effectiveness questioned by observers and even co-workers.

...The court was constructed in such a way that there would be safeguards against Cambodian judges’ improper behavior, but none for Western judges’ abuse of power. In Foreign Policy, Gillison writes in depth about the shocking details that finally, after months, brought the resignation of the German judge. Since 2009, when the UN appointed an Australian academic and a self-proclaimed Marxist to be a liaison for Cambodian victims of the Marxist Khmer Rouge, the United States has contributed more than $10 million to the court. Despite reports from New York and Phnom Penh about the court’s dysfunction and wasteful spending, the UN, United States and other leading Western governments continue to silently watch the court daily crumble into total anarchy, all the while pouring millions of dollars into its operations...

Junk Justice

. . .


Theary Seng with Nils Horner of National Swedish Radio, 8 Dec. 2011

Theary Seng with Nils Horner of National Swedish Radio at Brown Cafe, 8 Dec. 2011 - interviews on KRT and Acid Attacks. More photos...

Mao Zedong

Chairman Mao joins the Gang of (currently) 14

Theary Seng dart games, 21 Nov. 2011
Photo: Heng Sinith, 21 Nov. 2011

More photos...

If Commie regime censors KI-Media...

Theary Seng photographed by Jenny Holligan, 5 Dec. 2011
Theary Seng giving it to war criminal Henry Kissinger (photographer: Jenny Holligan, 5 Dec. 2011).

More images by Jenny Holligan...

Click here if the Commie regime censors KI-Media...

Theary Seng at Dart Games on Riverfront, 5 Dec. 2011

Theary Seng's Dart Games on riverfront, 5 Dec. 2011


More photos at KI-Media...

Here, if the commie regime censors KI-Media...

Another set of photos here also...

. . .

Looking for Entrepreneurs to Develop Poetic Justice Products for Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia.


Poetic Justice booklet cover


Dart Game Set includes:

54-page educational booklet (click here for complete booklet)

5 colorful darts

dartboard with image of war criminal Pol Pot already mounted

5 additional war criminal images

** Each Dart Game set sells for US$7.00.

Please contact Ms. Sivnin at 017.993.118.

. . .


Theary Seng with The London Times Jim Pringle, 29  Nov. 2011
Theary Seng being interviewed by Jim Pringle of The London Times, 29 Nov. 2011


More photos of interviews.

. . .

Theary Seng with Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, 26 Nov. 2011
Theary Seng being interviewed by Mr. Cor Speksnijder of de Volkskrant, Dutch newspaper (Phnom Penh, 26 Nov. 2011)

de Volkskrant: You feel personally offended, don't you?

Theary: How can I not?!  The honor of my father and mother is at stake.  My dignity is at stake.  I can speak as a lawyer on a professional level, but this is a deeply personal issue for me.  I am both within and without... I am highly offended when the UN is effectively telling me, telling the other victims that all we, the poor Cambodians, deserve are the crumbs of justice... The UN is embedding all the dark mentalities we want to change in this society - the mentality of low expectations, the mentality of fear, the mentality of inferiority, the mentality of impunity, the mentality of cynicism... And yes, I agree with the opening statement of Nuon Chea's lawyer--the indictment of this ECCC--minus all the references to Nuon Chea, the one that was never made but sent out as a press release... I believe that guilt is not zero-sum; that is to say, Kissinger is guilty and his guilt does not absolve the guilt of Nuon Chea; he's still directly, personally responsible...

. . .


My dinner meeting with the inquisitive, dynamic UBELONG delegation, 20 Nov. 2011


Join me tonight (Friday, Nov. 25 from 7:30-8:30 P.M.) on Radio Free Asia LIVE call-in show where I am an in-studio guest wit h ECCC spokesman Neth Pheaktra, joined by telephone with another Civil Party who withdrew Chey Theara from Kampong Chhnang.

RFA call-in with Theary Seng, Neth Pheaktra, Leng Maly, Chey Theara, 25 Nov. 2011
Seng Theary, ECCC spokesman Neth Pheaktra, RFA Leng Maly


RFA: Why did you decide to withdraw from the ECCC?

Theary: This ECCC can only provide crumbs and scraps of justice, "yuthethor aid-chai" for me; my parents and other loved ones who passed away deserve more than crumbs and scraps from this ECCC that has the appearance of a court but is really a political farce that is mocking us the living and our loved ones those who died.

"Yuthethor Aidchay" - Scrap Justice

JUNK JUSTICE (scraps, crumbs, throw-aways) for the Poor Cambodians - "International Standards with a Wink" for the Poor Cambodians.

Through its actions, this is what the UN is effectively saying to Theary, Cambodian survivors, 1.7 M dead: "Ms. Seng, don't act so high and mighty; know your place as the Cambodian woman like every Cambodian woman we think you are - insignificant, faceless, cheap - BE THANKFUL FOR THE SCRAPS OF JUSTICE this ECCC is offering you and your people, at least it's something."


Ms. Seng to UN: "!@#$%^&*()_+&%$#@!&^%*%$!!"


. . .


Brilliant, courageous Opening Statement by Nuon Chea's lawyer, Michiel Pestman -- never made in the Chamber as he was effectively gagged from indicting ECCC the Clown for the gross miscarriage of justice for the people of Cambodia.

23 Nov. 2011

"The English have an expression: the elephant in the room. The issue which overshadows all others, but which no one dares to mention. I am here to speak about the elephant, or rather elephants, in this Court room.

This Case, this Court, suffers from at least four major flaws – flaws most people involved know exist ‐ but prefer to ignore..."


. . . . .



Poetic Justice

and Civil Party Withdrawal

in the News

Nov. 2011

Ex-leader: Khmer Rouge atrocities are 'fairy tale'

AP Newswire, 23 Nov. 2011

"I'm not surprised that Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan and Ieng Sary continue to deny their crimes as the charges against them of genocide, war crimes are very serious," said Theary Seng, a Cambodian lawyer and human rights activist who lost family members under their regime.

"Even if I am not surprised, I am however disgusted by their lack of remorse for the suffering they caused. They are delusional in their denial in light of the weight of evidence against them - the mounds of skulls and bones, the horrific testimonies from every survivor of cruelty, the magnitude and scope of evil unleashed by them across the whole of Cambodia."

Stars and Stripes

Denver Post

San Bernardino Sun


. . .


"Khmer Rouge trial is failing Cambodian victims of Pol Pot's regime"

Human Rights Watch Brad Adams' editorial

The Guardian, 26 Nov. 2011

"While there is now wide agreement in UN circles that the ECCC is a mistake that should never be repeated elsewhere, a fair trial of Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan and Ieng Sary would allow the court to keep some of its promises to victims"

[Still scraps and crumbs "yuthethor aid-chai", Brad!]

. . .


"Justice Denied"

Douglas Gillison, Foreign Policy Magazine, 23 Nov. 2011

Theary Seng Phnom Penh Post Khmer, 23 Nov. 2011
My hand is out to block the little ones from running across the flying darts (Phnom Penh Post Khmer, 23 Nov. 2011)

Theary Seng, 21 Nov. 2011
Theary Seng holding a basket of darts for Poetic Justice War Criminals Dart Games on the riverfront in front of the FCC (Photo: Huidige, 21 Nov. 2011)

Deputy President of Victims Association, a Civil Party of the Orphans Class, Mr. CHEY Theara, Withdraws Civil Party Status, Denounces ECCC as Political Farce




Phnom Penh, 22 Nov. 2011: Another outspoken civil party, long-term supporter of the Extraordinary Chambers (ECCC), deputy president of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia—Mr. CHEY Theara—has announced he too is withdrawing his civil party status from the ECCC.

Mr. Chey Theara was born on 15 May 1972, and his family were forcibly moved from Phnom Penh to Takeo Province. Six month later, Mr. Chey Theara and his family were forced to move to Battambang Province where he worked in a children’s unit building canals and dams. His mother died of starvation after being forced to perform strenuous manual labor just three days after she had given birth. In 1976, Mr. Chey Theara’s four younger siblings all died of malaria after receiving inadequate medical care. In late 1978 the Tuol Chrehs village chief ordered militias to kill Mr. Chey Theara’s father at the Stueng Dontry crime site (Moung Ruessei District, Battambang Province). Since 1979 Mr. Chey Theara has lived alone as all of his family members have died.

Please find attached his statement for withdrawal in both Khmer and English.

Please feel free to contact Mr. CHEY Theara for further information at: 012.351.646.


Full statement in both Khmer and English in KI-Media.

Here, if ISP censors in Cambodia.

. . . . .

Phnom Penh Post, Poetice Justice War Criminals on the riverfront, 21 Nov. 2011

[H.E. Son Soubert giving his best shot at Henry Kissinger]
Caption: A crowd gathered along the riverside yesterday, the opening day of KR tribunal Case 002, to throw darts at 'war-criminal'-themed dartboards, created by Khmer Rouge victims' advocate Theary Seng.  The dartboards feature all those being charged in Case 002, among others.


Monday, 21 Nov. 2011

Dart Games on Riverfront

across from FCC

Starting at 5 p.m.


Dart Games from the Poetic Justice War Criminals Collection, 21 Nov. 2011
A large gathering of victims, media, spectators (including H.E. Son Soubert, H.E. Long Botta, CITA president Rong Chun, Al Rockoff, Marc Eberle, Danish filming, Dutch filming, AP Heng Sinith...) on riverfront in front of FCC.  More photos... (click here if ISP in Cambodia censors KI-Media).  And some more photos...

AKRVC public announcement re Dart Games on riverfront, 21 Nov. 2011


Media Coverage of

Poetic Justice and ECCC Withdrawal


Khmer Rouge Trial Missing a Marquee Defendant

Wall Street Journal, 21 Nov. 2011

“The release of Ieng Thirith is only one reflection of how incredibly late these trials are coming into place,” said Theary Seng, founder of the Cambodian Center for Justice and Reconciliation and herself, too, a victim of the Khmer Rouge regime, having lost her parents and spent five months in prison. She has withdrawn from the tribunal process, and instead put her energy into organizing public games of darts featuring the faces of the Khmer Rouge leaders along Phnom Penh’s riverfront – a “way of release” following victims’ frustrations with the trial process, mixed with “dark humor,” she said.


Theary Seng BBC News filming, Nov. 2011

Watch the BBC News coverage

Theary Seng BBC filming at Wat Champa, 20 Nov. 2011
BBC filming with Fergal Keane, producer Annie Phrommayon, camera man Darren Conway at Wat Champa where my father was taken away from me at the age of 4 (30 min. outside of Phnom Penh, off of Route One), 20 Nov. 2011.  Broadcast on BBC World News evening of 21 Nov. 2011.

But the trial - a joint enterprise between the UN and Cambodia - has been heavily criticised. Theary Seng, whose parents were killed by the Khmer Rouge, said putting three people on trial for the deaths of 1.7 million simply wasn't enough. (BBC News, 21 Nov. 2011)

Theary Seng at Wat Champa, 20 Nov. 2011
My family and I took refugee in the structure behind me at Wat Champa immediately after Phnom Penh fell in April 1975; we were one of the lucky few to have shelter; the other families, in the thousands slept on the open temple grounds during the monsoonal season (Photo: Darren Conway on his iPhone with cool app in aging this photo, 20 Nov. 2011).

Poetic Justice German Filming, 18 Nov. 2011
Filming for German DW-Global with Bastian and Sarin, 18 Nov. 2011.  More photos...

Theary Seng filmed by BBC Guy DeLauney, 17 Nov. 2011
Filming by BBC with Guy DeLauney, 17 Nov. 2011. More photos...

Khmer Rouge Trial: Cambodia Awaits Answers

BBC News, 21 Nov. 2011

Photo: BBC Guy De Launey

Crying for Justice

AFP, 21 Nov. 2011

Khmer Rouge survivor Theary Seng told AFP she was "frustrated beyond words" that only Khieu Samphan looked likely to shed light on what happened. "The people want to know who is behind the Khmer Rouge, we want to see and understand the larger picture and we're not going to get that," she said.

From Tragedy to Sham in Cambodia

Asia Times Online, 19 Nov. 2011

In KI-Media

Others have gone further, arguing that the time might be ripe for the UN to pull the plug on the controversy-plagued court altogether. Last week, Theary Seng, a Cambodian-American survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime and a prominent advocate for victims' rights, withdrew her status as a civil party to the court, describing the proceedings as a "complete sham".

She said the UN should threaten to withdraw after setting some clear conditions for its continued participation. By pressing ahead, Seng said, the world body runs the risk of rubber-stamping a flawed process and further embedding cynicism in the Cambodian population.

"I understand the unwieldiness of any large bureaucracy, but at the end of the day it comes down to personalities, and there have been extremely weak personalities," she said. "In this regard, the UN is complicit."


In the End, Loss of Faith in Tribunal: Former Complainant

Hello VOA Special with Theary Seng, 16 Nov. 2011

Khmer Rouge Victim Quits Tribunal Saying UN-backed Court is a Sham

DPA, 15 Nov. 2011


Prominent Victims' Advocate Quits Khmer Rouge Tribunal

VOA International/English, 15 Nov. 2011

KRT Critic Offers 'Poetic Justice'

The Phnom Penh Post, 16 Nov. 2011

Theary Seng Denounces Tribunal; Introduces Dartboard Scheme

The Cambodia Daily, 16 Nov. 2011


From Tragedy to Sham in Cambodia

Asia Times Online, 19 Nov. 2011

Withdrawal Letter to ECCC, 15 Nov. 2011
My official letter of withdrawal (short and sweet) to ECCC with 6 envelopes addressed to: Tony Kranh (Cambodian Chief Administrator), Knut Rosandhaug (UN Chief Administrator), Rong Chhorng (Chief of Victims Support Section), Judge Prak Kimsan (president of Pre-Trial Chamber), Judge Non Nil (president of Trial Chamber), Judge Kong Srim (president of Supreme Court Chamber) which I dropped off at ECCC before holding the press conference (below).

Theary Seng's Press Conference, 15 Nov. 2011
More photos from Poetic Justice/ECCC Withdrawal Press Conference, 15 Nov. 2011

Phnom Penh Post Poetic Justice, 16 Nov. 2011
Front page of The Phnom Penh Post, 16 Nov. 2011
Theary Seng's Poetic Justice, Phnom Penh Post, 16 Nov. 2011
Theary Seng's Poetice Justice, Phnom Penh Post, 16 Nov. 2011

Poetic Justice
Front pages of The Cambodia Daily and The Phnom Penh Post, 16 Nov. 2011

. . .

It's personal.

Highly Personal.


Poetic Justice War Criminal Henry Kissinger

. . .





The Clown (Sacrava, 10 Nov. 2011)

On 25 September 2007, immediately after the arrest of Khmer Rouge Brother No. 2, Nuon Chea, for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Extraordinary Chambers (ECCC), Ms. Theary C. Seng, who was orphaned and imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge, wrote up her own application, went personally into the Office of Co-Investigating Judges, and filed the first civil party application.

She became the first civil party in international law.

Also unprecedented in international law, she confronted her mass murderers (Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith) in the ECCC courtroom and in her own voice as civil party argued for their continued pre-trial detention. She fought hard and won the right for a civil party to address the Chamber in person.

For a period of six years, Ms. Seng was the “poster child” for the genocide and a strong, articulate voice (spanning the national-international spectrum) as victim and opinion-maker in supporting the ECCC despite its serious flaws. She believed the ECCC to be necessary as a “court of law” in catalyzing benefits in the “court of public opinion” and viewed these benefits to outweigh the deep problems of political interference, UN apathy, corruption, incompetence, etc.

No longer. Within recent months, the scale has tipped for her. These compounded, viciously intractable, toxic shenanigans are threatening to transform the real but still fragile embryonic benefits into irreversible cynicism, the worst legacy imaginable for an already distrusting, mistrusting, long-suffering people.

Consequently, Ms. Seng no longer wishes to have any legal association with this ECCC which is mocking the dead, her and other victims and embedding impunity; she cannot do otherwise but to withdraw her status as civil party in Case 002 as well as the appeal of her civil party application in Cases 003 and 004.

Moreover, she denounces this ECCC as a political farce, an irreversible sham of extraordinary perversion in denying justice to victims, exploiting their suffering, soiling the memories of their loved ones and embedding cynicism in an already fragile population living in paranoia, mistrust and distrust.

Following her visit to the ECCC, she will hold a press conference to discuss her decisions, her new role vis-à-vis the ECCC as well as to introduce the Poetic Justice Products as one means of salvaging the benefits from the nefarious legacy of this vacuous grand pageantry that is the two-hundred-million-dollar ECCC.

Press Conference

Ms. Theary Seng’s Residence at 22B, Street 302

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


at 10 A.M.



More information at "ECCC Civil Party"

More information at Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia

In KI-Media


Theary Seng Criticizes KRT as "Political Farce"

The Phnom Penh Post, 10 Nov. 2011


Radio Free Asia (both AM and PM broadcasts on 10 Nov. 2011)


Cambodian-American Lawyer Withdraws her Civil Party Status

Voice of America Khmer Service, 10 Nov. 2011

. . .

An email of Nov. 12 responding to my press release from my church youth director of 20 years ago while at Georgetown University! Now, Chuck Jacob lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Diane and children and is a pastor at Knox Presbyterian Church.


I was saddened to read this press release below. I know how much you ache for real redemption and restoration in your homeland. And you and your family have already paid such an enormous cost.

I've been preaching, in a sampling sort of way, through Isaiah this fall. In it, we get a glimpse of just how corrupt Israel, Judah and the whole world are. In it, we also get a glimpse at the New World God has committed Himself, in all of His zeal, to making happen. The book of Isaiah also gives us a taste of JUST HOW HARD the process of Redemption and restoration really is, getting from "here" to "there".

I came across a story in the New York Times recently about an interesting letter that has come to public knowledge. It was written by a young American officer, at the close of WW2, to his 3-yr. old son. What is hugely interesting is that the officer wrote it on Adolf Hitler's personal letterhead, which he plundered from Hitler's bunker. (incidentally, this young officer would later become head of the CIA in the 1960s, but that's another story).

Here's the text of the letter, obviously intending for his young son to save the letter until he was old enough to both read and understand it:

Dear Dennis, the man who might have written on this card once controlled Europe -- three short years ago when you were born. Today he is dead, his memory despised, his country in ruins. He had a thirst for power, a low opinion of man as an individual, and a fear of intellectual honesty. He was a force for evil in the world. His passing, his defeat -- a boon to mankind. But thousands died that it might be so. The price of ridding society of bad is always high. Love, Daddy."

Theary, your press release, and all that is behind it, is yet another reminder to me that "The price of ridding society of bad is always high." It cost Jesus the full draining of his blood, until there was nothing left but water. I wish it didn't cost so much, for Jesus, for you or anyone else. But it does.

Even so, my confidence is this: that however much it costs, Jesus will ultimately prevail. Jesus has come, died, risen, ascended, sat and promised to come again, because He has claimed Cambodia for Himself. Maybe not in our generation or century, but He will prevail. "The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this" (Isa. 9:7).

So please, sister, keep your hand to the plow -- in faith, hope and love. Do what you have to do (e.g. denounce the ECCC), and say what you have to say, to love Cambodia with a redemptive and restorative love -- fully, truly and freely.

Praying for you.






Theary's BLOG

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January 7; Kramanation; 47; Kampot Vegetable Sellers; No more selfies; Facebook Profile Name Change

Theary C. Seng, 11 January 2012
Chaktomuk Theatre, Phnom Penh, January 2010

January 7 is indeed a significant day for survivors of the Khmer Rouge. It arrested the macabre convulsions that would have swallowed all of us into a hellish hole if the [ ... ]


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